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St. Louis-Based Content Marketer, Copywriter, and Editor

I am a dedicated and ambitious lover of content, writer, and editor.

I love researching (challenges are accepted), I am obsessed with writing (just ask my degrees: I have two bachelor's degrees — one in English and one in scriptwriting — and a minor in writing for advertising), and I have a lifelong love of learning.

No matter what company I find myself in, I always try to leave a lasting impact. Whether that's upselling a client from a $4,000/month to a $20,000/month package, implementing internal newsletters to ensure communication continues from company to company, or creating new documentation and presentation best practices, I strive to make sure I'm always improving and helping others improve as well.

I have written everything from social media posts to long-form content such as ebooks and whitepapers (depending on your term preference). I have also outlined and planned content for even larger projects — such as 50,000-word books.

While I haven't always worked in writing and marketing, I have definitely used the skills that I have now in every job — prior to my work at Amazing Pet Expos, I worked at Barnes & Noble and as a service desk technician. In both jobs, I was constantly testing my researching skills — for example, I was always prepared to figure out what book someone was looking for or why someone's printer wasn't working. I like to think of myself as a master in "googling."

I am certified by HubSpot in Inbound Marketing, and I will be happy to learn whatever you need me to learn. I look forward to working with you!

Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more.

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"It is rare to find a content strategist and writer like Seanna. In my short time working with her, she offered thoughtful feedback and collaborating with her was a joy. Since she was an outside hire to be directly above me, I was worried that we might clash. The opposite happened because Seanna's natural leadership skills made it easy. If you're looking for a team member who is driven, organized, creative and incredibly talented, look no further than Seanna Tucker."

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