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Los Angeles-Based Content Strategist, Brand Manager, Writer, and Editor

It all started in elementary school — at least, that's as far back as I remember. As a member of the "overambitious gifted child" consortium, I was naturally a member of my school's talented and gifted program. In Dallas at the time, we participated in something called "Destination Imagination." We would improvise stories from history, recite poetry, and perform our own pieces. After receiving a prop, a time period, a location, and a historical event, I would write scripts for me and my classmates to perform.

I was hooked on storytelling. Beyond reading books incessantly, I now knew I could write something of my own.

Fast forward 25 years later, and I'm still telling stories — about companies, about their industries, about ways to help people via a product or service. I've now worked in brand and content strategy for 10 years, making lasting impacts at the companies I work with and for.

I have written everything from social media posts to long-form content such as ebooks and whitepapers (depending on your term preference). I have also outlined and planned content for even larger projects — such as a 50,000-word book and a complete rebrand, including messaging, website copy, and design updates. I've established content platforms for several companies, keeping SEO, thought leadership, brand marketing, and sales and customer enablement top of mind throughout.

I've worked in content and brand strategy in-house, within agencies, and as a contractor, so I've seen every side of the puzzle — from building a full strategy to choosing the best type of content, the best channel, and the most opportune timing, I know storytelling. But that doesn't mean I'm afraid of numbers, either. I'm constantly looking for the best way to prove the importance of brand and content marketing.

I've worked across industries, including SAAS, insurance, energy and utilities, consulting, and legal, and I love learning new things. Whether I've worked in your industry before or not, you can rest assured that I will do everything to keep your content accurate, educational, and even a bit entertaining for your ICPs.

"It is rare to find a content strategist and writer like Seanna. In my short time working with her, she offered thoughtful feedback and collaborating with her was a joy. Since she was an outside hire to be directly above me, I was worried that we might clash. The opposite happened because Seanna's natural leadership skills made it easy. If you're looking for a team member who is driven, organized, creative and incredibly talented, look no further than Seanna Tucker."

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